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Boost your sales with email marketing


  • This type of marketing allows you to send messages to a database of contacts in an automatic and personalised way.
  • It is an increasingly popular tool for establishing connections with customers and building a community around a brand.


Today, we live in a world surrounded by constant stimuli. From television to social media, through an infinite range of possibilities where advertising tries to capture the attention of potential customers.

That’s why it’s vital for you to connect with your shoppers in a more up-close and personal way, laying the groundwork for building a community around your company and making them choose your brand over any other they may see advertised.

There’s a plethora of ways and channels to do this. First, it’s very positive to interact directly with potential customers through a live chat where they can ask you questions and queries before they buy. Another good option, which we’ve already seen on other occasions, is using social networks as a channel of interaction with your audience.

Today we’ll talk about a more unknown channel, which we have mentioned in another post, but we’ve never gone into as much detail as it deserves: email marketing.

If you want to know everything about how to exploit this communication channel to maximise your sales, keep reading.

Features of email marketing

Here we’ll explain some features that might convince you to use this type of interaction with your customers:

  • It triples the conversion rate compared to social media: Despite having a much smaller reach than the content you publish on your profiles, if it’s used well, then email marketing helps you much more at every stage of the customer relationship, from attraction to loyalty generation, through lead nurturing, prospecting or conversion. It also has a very high rate of profitability.
  • Direct communication: This gives your audience a feeling of distinction and preference, so if you’re able to personalise each message, your conversion will increase.
  • Encourage cross-selling and upselling: In cross-selling you try to make the purchase receipt more expensive through complementary items, while in upselling you do it through an increase in the number of units the customer buys. That’s why if you remind customers that you have a catalogue with many more items than the ones they’ve bought, they’ll probably end up buying more.
  • Agile, accessible, immediate and massive: Sending emails is cheap and allows you to reach many audiences at once. Also, because it arrives almost instantaneously, it allows you to let people know about your latest news. At the same time, it serves to remind your customers that you are there to offer them what they need.

Tips to make your email marketing successful

As with everything related to your business, the strategy you follow is the most important thing. In this case, we’ll give you a series of tips that you should always keep in mind to get the most out of it.

  • Use a professional email marketing service: At Nozama Solutions, we have one to send feedback-five mailings where we contact users who buy our clients’ products to thank them for their purchase.
  • Measure results: This is essential to be able to modify your strategy and adjust it in the best way to maximise results.
  • Be aware of legal limits: Within the Amazon ecosystem, it’s completely legal to contact customers who have bought your products to thank them for their purchase and recommend another product, but actions such as asking for ratings or reviews are strictly forbidden and your account can be suspended for this.
  • Segment your audiences: As your contact list grows, it’s very important for you to establish groups according to their interests, age, purchase stage, etc. This way, you’ll be able to provide them with products that fit their needs more accurately.

Personalise and professionalise your emails: It’s extremely positive and important that the messages you send are personalised. In this way, users will feel identified with your brand and will establish a relationship beyond that of seller-buyer. Moreover, the better they are written and the more professional they appear to be, the better the recipients will feel.


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