Métricas de store y marca

Do you know the brand and store metrics on Amazon? the data you need to monitor your business on Amazon

  • Analyze store metrics to understand how your conversions are generated, what your traffic sources are, and what content and campaigns work best for you on Amazon.
  • With brand metrics, you’ll see how new customers interact with your brand and your direct competitors for the same product category.


Amazon’s registered brands design and create catalogs of their products to display them, in an attractive way, to users who visit their stores. These pages are the best showcase that the platform offers to sellers to attract as many potential customers as possible. But how can they know if they’re working as expected? Analyzing store metrics!

What are store metrics on Amazon?

Within your store’s dashboard, in the “info” section, you’ll find the most relevant metrics. It displays data such as: store visitors, sales, units sold, orders, top pages, traffic sources, and Amazon off tags. All these metrics offer filters by dates, by pages and by sources, very useful for generating a multitude of reports that you can save and download.

If you analyze all the information they provide, you’ll be able to see which pages are performing best and worst. Based on this, you will be able to create experiments, modify the stores you want, introduce new products and check what impact each of the changes you make has on your business.

As for the data on traffic sources, it will allow you to know if users reach your stores through organic search or advertising both on and off Amazon. In the latter case, the ability to generate tags is essential to measure the results that your email marketing and social media campaigns are having in stores, as is the case with Amazon Attribution.

What about brand metrics on Amazon? How do they work?

In addition to the store data, Amazon has just rolled out the new brand metrics as well. With them, you can gain insight into the category of new customers to your brand, understand how they interact with your brand on Amazon over time, and make comparisons with other sellers who are competing with you with similar products.

That way, you’ll be able to enter the main categories in which your products appear to find out how many total buyers there are of your brand in that category, what is the ratio of customers who are already engaged with your brand, what is the conversion rate of your customers, and what percentage of new sales of your brand are within that category.

You’ll also have access to a full conversion funnel for each category that Amazon ranks based on awareness, consideration, and conversion for your brand. Thanks to this data, you will know the percentages of users who are searching for your brand, who are consulting the detail pages of your products and who are buying your items or subscribing to your content.

Access store and brand metrics and generate the reports you need to understand how your products and those of your competitors are performing on Amazon.