Responder a valoraciones negativas

Can you respond to a negative review on Amazon?

  • The e-commerce giant allows trademarks to communicate with shoppers who have rated them a maximum of 3 stars, which is considered a negative rating on Amazon.
  • Salespeople will have the opportunity to give an explanation to the customer to reverse their negative feedback.


When a purchase takes place on Amazon, an email is automatically sent to the buyer inviting them to write a review

about the product that has arrived and make a rating about the seller, rating their shopping experience from 1 to 5 stars.

In this way, Amazon shows that it takes into account the opinions of its customers, but what about brands?

Can sellers respond to negative reviews?

Jeff Bezos’ company has developed software so that brands can respond to reviews that affect them negatively, which have obtained a score of 1 to 3 stars. At the moment, this possibility is limited to trademarks registered in the marketplace that produce unique products. Sellers will be able to respond to negative reviews through emails with templates defined by Amazon.

Why is it important to respond to negative feedback


The goal of Amazon’s communication strategy is to build strong relationships that offer greater transparency and trust between the two parties. With this new tool, sellers can prevent fake reviews from being posted about their products, explain any issues that arise in the buying process, clear up potential misunderstandings, or try to change consumers’ minds about their negative reviews.

It should not be forgotten that, in addition to the fact that when it comes to choosing to buy one product or another, there are more and more customers who take into account reviews and ratings, post-sales satisfaction is a factor that influences Amazon’s organic positioning. The A9 algorithm penalizes sellers with negative feedback and decreases the crawl frequency of the items they post on the platform.