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How to get Amazon campaigns working properly

  • Amazon Advertising is a pay-per-click advertising system where sellers can advertise their products in a variety of ways within the world’s largest marketplace .
  • Among the benefits of running campaigns within Amazon are increased visibility and better positioning of our products and brand.

Types of Ads in Amazon Ad Campaigns

The types of ads that we can use in Amazon’s advertising campaigns are:Sponsored Products: These can be set up automatically or manually, with keyword or product targeting. Sponsored Brands: They can be of three types: product card-oriented, Store-oriented or Video. Targeting can be towards keywords, specific products, or product categories. Sponsored Display: Allows segmentation based on products or categories, as well as Amazon’s own audiences. It also includes remarketing visits or purchases to our products or competitors’ products.

What to consider before launching your campaigns?

The first thing you should check before launching an Amazon Advertising campaign is the product listing:

  • Are the titles well-written and give all the readable information about your product?
  • Do you have representative product images and infographics with the highlights?
  • Do your bullet points clearly describe the benefits of the product?
  • Do you have an A+ page with extensive product information?
  • Do you have reviews and they are high-rated?
  • Have you checked your backend keywords?
  • Is the price commensurate and competitive?
  • Do you have enough stock for the demand for orders?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, you’re ready to launch your product on Amazon Advertising.

In the next step you should carry out a complete keyword research of your product, analyze the trends, the direct competitors, the long tails of your product, the search volumes and the difficulty of those keywords. In addition to measuring the budget you have to launch your campaigns and the types of campaigns you are going to run.

Why Are Ad Campaigns Not Working?

Sometimes, we can have a campaign implemented that has been running for several months and giving good results but, at a certain point, it stops working, ACOS skyrockets, products don’t sell and we start to overspend. If you want to learn more about the different types of KPIs used to measure effectiveness in Amazon advertising campaigns, visit our Amazon University section.

Although we can have a perfect detail page, with all the data that the customer needs to be able to decide to buy without having any doubts about the product, the quality of the product may not be what the customer expects. This can lead to an increase in negative reviews, a key factor when shopping on Amazon.

Another big mistake in Amazon Advertising is the lack of a clear and long-term strategy. As with any strategy, you’ll need to sow and then reap. Thinking and measuring in the short term is one of the big mistakes of most Amazon sellers. In addition to Sponsored and Display campaigns, we also have the possibility to carry out remarketing campaigns. This type of campaign allows you to segment more effectively, as they will only impact those people who have shown interest in a specific category or the same type of product.

At Nozama we can help you create and optimize your Amazon Advertising campaigns to improve your sales.