valoraciones positivas de Amazon

How to get positive reviews on Amazon?

Within Amazon, positive reviews on a product can be the reason for purchase for your customer. Your success as an Amazon seller depends in large part on these ratings. Do you know why? This is due to the fact that more than 90% of purchases on this marketplace are made after having been informed about the shopping experience of other people in the reviews section. Knowing how the purchase has gone for some and seeing the images of the product of others, make the potential buyer more receptive to that purchase.

Due to the growth of Amazon and the advancement of technology, the largest e-commerce in the world has managed to create a huge database with which it has the priorities of its customers.

At Nozama we know the right strategies that will help you attract customers and keep them satisfied. Amazon is a platform where competitiveness prevails and it is very difficult to stand out, but it is the small details like these that we show you below, that will help you take off as a seller.


Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

From the moment the customer buys the product until they receive it, a key factor is the management of orders, the good appearance of the packaging and short shipping times can be crucial for the customer. Although online shopping is becoming more and more common, many people are skeptical about how their order will arrive.

That is why we recommend that you opt for the program offered by Amazon to manage your orders, better known as FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon).

This service guarantees that your orders arrive in good condition and in a considerable amount of time in order to avoid negative reviews in this aspect. In addition, they offer customer service and manage possible returns, they are all advantages!

This service is available to Amazon sellers in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, India, Japan, the United States, Canada, and China.


Request positive reviews from Amazon

From Amazon, you cannot request the personal phone or email of your customers due to the strict data protection that Amazon has. You will never be able to have the customer’s data to offer them your product and/or ask for a positive review for it. This won’t be a problem as there are several options to get your message across to the customer.

  • In Seller Central, within the management of your orders there is an option called ‘Review Request’. With this simple step, Amazon will send automated emails asking customers to write a review and rate their purchases.
  • When sending the package to the customer, you can include a personalized note or card inside it where you will invite them to leave a review on your product. To improve the customer’s shopping experience, you can include offers or samples as an added value, which will make it more likely that they will receive positive feedback.


Make use of Amazon DSP

Amazon DSP allows you to reach Amazon-only customers at scale. On different devices and through ads. All this thanks to the data that Amazon has collected from its customers.

With this platform, you’ll be able to publish while targeting your ads across multiple websites. This will cause a user who has searched for similar products in Amazon’s suggested products, when clicking on these, to be redirected to your Listing Amazon, you will only have to pay for the number of clicks of your customers, never for the publication of your ad on several web pages.

Certainly, we recommend using it because of its power of reach in terms of potential customers. By creating a good strategy, from Amazon DSP you will transmit credibility to your personal brand due to its variety of advertising tools with which your products will have an innovative and charming look.

Information NOT to include

  • You won’t be able to put a different brand name than the one you’ve previously registered with Amazon.
  • Discounts linked to a URL that is outside of Amazon or to a personal e-commerce will also not be allowed.