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How to get positive reviews on Amazon?

The ratings consumers give to the products they buy on Amazon can make the difference between selling thousands of items or not selling at all. Reviews are one of the key factors of SEO on Amazon, so having positive ratings is essential to improve the conversion rate and positioning on the platform.

Some of the Key Factors of SEO

Product > Card Optimization Visibility > Sales > Reviews

If you’re competing with another seller on equal price, quality, and shipping times, positive reviews can earn you the final purchase decision and therefore increase sales on the platform. Keep in mind that if you have negative reviews or the quality of the product is lower than average, it is very likely that people who see your product page will have a negative impact and decide on the competitor’s product.

Negative reviews on Amazon are a real problem because they detract from credibility with the customer and significantly reduce the conversion rate, reducing your products’ visibility on the platform. On the other hand, if a comment violates Amazon’s Community Guidelines, you can request that it be removed, although the process is not so simple.

Negative > Reviews Lower Sales > Lower Conversion Rate > Lower Organic Positioning Lower Visibility >

Increasing the number of reviews on Amazon

The number of reviews for a product is public and it is understood that the more reviews a brand has on the platform, the more sales it will have.

The Amazon Vine program invites Amazon’s top-rated reviewers to post reviews of new products that help other customers make better purchasing decisions.

With the Vine system, Amazon acts as an intermediary between brands and users, and offers members of the Vine program free products from participating vendors. The provider, on the other hand, cannot influence, modify or edit the reviews.

On the other hand, there are the Top Reviewers, who are the most important review authors on the platform. Being among Amazon’s top product reviewers opens the door to a wide range of free branded products in exchange for constructive, objective, and useful reviews for other users. On this page, you can see the ranking of the reviewers at the top of the list.


5 Tips for Getting Amazon Reviews

Can you get reviews naturally? Carlos Sanchez, our strategy specialist and Amazon Growth Hacker, gives us some tips to get positive reviews on Amazon:

1. Make a difference

The best way to get reviews on Amazon is to be a good seller and have a product in line with the quality of the texts on your listings. Never cheat on your product sheet.

In addition, you can include a personalized card in your mailings, a cover letter from your company or, for example, a thank you. This will make a difference and get a satisfied customer who will feel more open to reviewing positively.

Be careful not to ask for a positive opinion directly, you could have the opposite effect on them.

2. Run sweepstakes and promotions

To surprise your customers, run some kind of external promotion to Amazon. You can include a gift card on the packaging or provide a discount code. In these cases, recipients usually leave positive reviews on Amazon, generating a very positive conversion rate for the positioning of the product on the platform.

3. Pay attention to detail

Track the order and, when the shipment and delivery of the product have been confirmed, send an email to the customer asking about their shopping experience.

4. Use social media to promote your products

People are getting more and more informed about products before they buy them. Use all the available channels at your disposal to make them known. You can promote your products on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest and you can even unbox live on the Twitch platform or YouTube.

5. Don’t buy reviews on Facebook or try to self-review

These practices are completely against Amazon’s policies. Sooner or later, the platform will detect them and, at the very least, delete them, so you will have lost all the money invested in that practice.


Factors such as the review velocity, the buyer’s IP or the source of traffic where the order comes from (Facebook, shared WhatsApp link, etc.), unnatural browsing or even the last name and city from where the purchase is made and the review is made can be factors that trigger Amazon’s fraud detection algorithm.

Finally, analyze the competition in great detail to detect where they are failing and always review your reviews. Customer reviews are very valuable and can show you aspects that you weren’t valuing about your products.

If you want to increase your reviews on Amazon but don’t know how to do it, contact us. Nozama Solutions is your Amazon agency.

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