Aumentar ventas en el día de la madre

How to Increase Mother’s Day Sales on Amazon

Of all the special dates of the year, Mother’s Day is one of the most important for brands. Searches on Amazon related to the first Sunday of May are growing every year and users are investing more and more time in searches with which they can be inspired when buying their gifts.

Today Juan Carlos Sánchez, our specialist in strategy and Amazon Growth Hacker, gives us the keys so that you can get the most out of Mother’s Day 2022 and increase your sales on Amazon for this date. Notes!

Mother’s Day: 15 Tips to Sell More

  1. Audit and anticipate

To be able to anticipate the most important dates of the year and respond to customer needs, establish an annual calendar and mark the days that are most relevant to your products. If you are still not sure which of them have the most sales opportunities on the platform for Mother’s Day, do a study of the search volumes of your keywords during this date to find the products that best fit it.

  1. Prepare your products

Plan ahead for the amount of stock you’ll need so you always have enough stock and ship your products well in advance.

As we saw in the post about SEO on Amazon, it is important that you review the titles, bullet points, descriptions, search terms, and images of your product listings. Remember that negative reviews can lower your conversion rate which, in turn, will give you less visibility, losing positions when appearing in Amazon’s search results. If you have them, identify what the problem has been and try to find a solution so that users reconsider their position.

  1. Customize your products

Personalize your products for Mother’s Day, boxes or packs that include several products work great as a gift. The items don’t need to be from the same range or category, you can create the combinations that you think may be most interesting for your customers.

  1. Create Mother’s Day Deals and Promotions

Make gift-giving easy. Use the offers and promotions offered by Amazon and launch them during the week before May 2. There is no one-size-fits-all strategy on Amazon, but you can create flash deals, volume discounts, coupons, or a combination of several of these to increase the visibility of your products and win sales opportunities against the competition.

  1. Create remarketing and display campaigns

Remarketing allows you to create ads to reach users who have previously shown interest in your product or similar products both on and off Amazon. With display advertising, you’ll be able to display ads in banner form on the platform.

Launch a low-impact display and remarketing campaign at least three weeks before Mother’s Day. For the first two weeks, we’ll spend a minimum CPC on campaigns, setting aside approximately 80% of the budget for the week leading up to the event. The goal of this campaign within our sales funnel will be the discovery phase.

  1. Increase the impact of your campaigns

We’ll ramp up the impact in stages until you reach the maximum budget you’re willing to reach. Remember that the day with the highest number of searches on Amazon does not usually coincide with the day of the event itself, but with the days leading up to it.

In the case of Mother’s Day 2022, users will start looking for gifts from the week of April 25, so that will be the key date to boost our sales. This is the time to add specific audiences to the event.

  1. Create a specific campaign with ad groups for special dates

In addition to your campaign keywords, create a campaign with event-specific ad groups that includes all the keywords related to that special date. Amazon allows you to pause the different ads until it’s time to activate them. Doing this work ahead of time will make your job easier when key calendar dates like Mother’s Day are approaching.

  1. Perform keyword research for each event

In addition to including your product keywords and campaigns, add keywords related to that special date to the new ad group. Use the ones with the highest search volume on Amazon. For example, “Mother’s Day 2022,” “Mother’s Day Gifts,” “Gift for Mom,” or “Mother’s Day Gift Ideas.”

  1. Use Brand Analytics to discover keywords at earlier dates

If your brand is registered on the platform, log in to Amazon Brand Analytics in your Seller Central account to check keywords that were used in previous years and include them in your strategy.

Overall, this tool provides valuable information that can help you with product research, listing optimization, and SEO strategies.

  1. Get your product discovered with a display to related products

Discover on Amazon those products that are well positioned or whose sellers are bidding strongly in their PPC strategy for Mother’s Day keywords and add them to your display campaigns so that they know your product. With this option, you’ll be able to show your ads on landing pages that are attracting the most traffic.

  1. Take advantage of external traffic

Boost all external channels to drive traffic to your product on Amazon. Generate content for different social networks, email marketing campaigns or blog with a link to your product to increase traffic and reach more users. Thanks to Facebook Ads segmentation, you’ll be able to create different ads and reach your target audience more easily.

  1. Run promotions and giveaways

A satisfied customer is very likely to buy a product again. If their experience has been positive, they will recommend your brand to other users, allowing you to increase sales and brand recognition.

To surprise customers with your brand, you can carry out some kind of promotion outside of Amazon, such as a gift card or a dedication card that you can insert on the packaging of your products.

  1. Ask your customers for reviews

Take advantage of increased sales to ask for reviews in exchange for a gift. This is a common strategy in e-commerce to increase consumer presence, credibility and trust.

  1. Don’t forget the Brand Halo

Always think long-term. Remember that the main objective of each of the actions we carry out at Amazon is to increase the brand halo. That is, to grow our account, improve our positioning and increase the degree of loyalty of our users on Amazon over the years. Pay attention to this scheme:

  • If you increase visibility, you’ll increase sales.
  • If you increase sales, you’ll increase sales velocity and reviews.
  • Sales velocity and reviews will make your product rank higher.
  • If your product ranks better, you’ll increase visibility.
  1. Pay attention to international dates

Remember that special dates may vary from country to country and that you can take advantage of this to sell your seasonal products for longer in other markets. For example, when we are in winter in Europe, in South America it is summer; or in Germany the Christmas season lasts longer than in Spain.

If you think your product is a perfect gift for Mother’s Day, put all these strategies into action and get the most out of the platform. With these actions, in addition to increasing sales opportunities, you will be able to improve your positioning on Amazon, achieve branding and improve your brand image on the platform in the long term.

If you want us to help you improve your Amazon sales strategy for Mother’s Day, contact us.