Internacionalizar tu negocio en Amazon

How to internationalize your business on Amazon?

Amazon’s platform has a presence in many other countries and operates directly in the U.S. USA, UK, Germany, Poland, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Canada and China. So as a seller you will be interested in knowing how you can internationalize your business on Amazon.

The possibilities for selling on Amazon are huge because its reach is practically global. In addition, in terms of international sales, it is a form of export that does not require large investments in logistics.

One in two Europeans buys from sellers in other countries. But, before you start selling internationally, it is important to decide how we are going to market our products:

If you’re sending it to Amazon for distribution (FBA), you won’t have to worry about shipping, returns, or customer service. All you have to do is send the stock to Amazon’s fulfillment centers in Spain.

Imagine that you send a product to Germany and the customer has a problem, FBA has native Germans who will be able to attend to the request and solve the problem. It’s important to keep this in mind.

If you are going to send it directly to the end customer (FBM), you will have full control and direct responsibility for the shipment. Amazon adds up the costs of each shipment and the costs per kilo to get the total shipping costs. For example, standard shipping to Germany is €3.99 per shipment plus €0.99 per kg and standard shipping to France is €4.49 per shipment plus €1.49 per kg. You can check all the rates and shipping options to the rest of the countries on the page.

In which countries am I interested in selling? If you want to launch into the international market, you must do a previous market study to find out what you can promote and where you can do it. For example, if we choose to be in the French, Italian and Spanish markets, we must make three different micro-strategies because France does not sell the same as Italy or Spain. We will prepare a plan for each storefront.

At Nozama Solutions, we start with an initial audit phase in which we identify which markets have potential for a particular product. That is, that there is a significant demand and where the competition is not too settled. Once this is done, we select which countries we are going to be in and define the entry strategy for each of them.

Keep in mind that not all products or services are globally viable.

Things to keep in mind before starting to internationalize our business:

  • Do a project analysis: Study very well where you stand, what your growth prospects are and how your product stacks up against the competition. Perform a SWOT analysis to study the weaknesses, threats, strengths and opportunities of your business.
  • Choose the right moment: there is no magic formula to decipher it because it depends on many factors such as the seasonality of the product or the characteristics of the country where you want to start selling.
  • Where do I want to sell my product?: Not all ideas succeed in all countries. The country, its culture and its peculiarities must be analyzed very well.
  • Legal aspects and taxation: Know well the regulations of the country in which you are going to sell and Amazon’s policies for selling in other countries.

Once we are clear about these aspects, we must adapt the labelling, the design and, of course, the language. You can even offer a different price from the original if you consider it necessary.

You’re all set to internationalize your product! Rely on the marketing and promotion campaigns that Amazon makes available to you and start internationalizing your brand.

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