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Selling on Cyber Monday Successfully

Christmas is approaching and with it the biggest shopping offers. Last week we were talking about 5 tips for selling on Black Friday, as it is one of the most important events worldwide in terms of buying and selling. But it turns out that Black Friday is accompanied by Cyber Monday, another essential date in the calendar that any seller should sign up for if they are looking to get more sales and publicize their products.

As an Amazon agency, we want to help you with some tips so that you can make the most of these days and create the most suitable promotions for your company. If you have any questions, you can contact us, at Nozama we will be happy to help you improve your sales.

What is Cyber Monday?


You already know how Black Friday works, well, Cyber Monday is like its little brother, because as a general rule it lasts only one day. It is always celebrated on the first Monday after Black Friday, thus extending the sales period by three days. So this year it will take place on November 30th.

This initiative arose in the United States and the characteristic that distinguishes it from Black Friday is that it is an event aimed mainly at online shopping. The range of promotions is as wide as there are product categories: clothing, technology, books, furniture… So you can take the opportunity to promote any of your products.

The offers last for 24 hours, making them more exclusive. Although there are businesses that prefer to extend them during the week for those who were not convinced to buy on Black Friday or who needed a few more days to decide their purchases.

Now that you know this sales lever better, we invite you to learn our tips for a successful Cyber Monday:

7 Tips for Selling on Cyber Monday

1- Plan promotions in advance

If you want to take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to promote your products, it’s important to have a good strategy.

We recommend that you don’t sell the same thing in all three days. Try offers for a type of product or category that are different on each date, this way you will move more of your stock and you will be able to play with the value of your sales (Putting the most expensive products or those with the lowest demand, at the beginning of the dates, for example)

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, and when it comes to sales, it’s better to organize than to lose customers.

2- Create Hook Promotions

You can create deals that aren’t as meaningful as the ones you’ll use on Cyber Monday. Use promotions weeks in advance to generate traffic and incentivize or boost purchases a bit. The weeks that follow are also important, especially for those customers who were unable to take advantage of the most prominent offers. Create small offers also the days after, this will help your customers feel supported and cared for by the company No matter the stipulated days, always have offers to provide and that can work as an appetizer of the great discounts.

3- Be cautious and rely on email marketing

Personalize your messages for these dates. Create eye-catching email campaigns where you announce that Cyber Monday deals are coming soon. You can give some examples of the promotions you will do so that users look forward to the great Cyber Monday. This will make your campaigns more effective on those days since you will have generated the need and curiosity in the consumer.

4- Create very competitive discounts.

If you can, these days bet on a percentage of discounts of more than 35%. Remember that these are dates where there is a high level of competition between companies and often those that offer the highest discount are the winners. Try to create your promotions thinking about the customer and how they would like to find the product in terms of price. Always attending to the needs of the company. Selling more doesn’t mean making more profits. You need to calculate very well what percentage you can use as a discount to continue earning positive income.

5- Use the rule of 100

If the price of a product is less than 100, the best thing to do for the discount will be to apply a percentage, always keeping in mind that figures ending in multiples of 5 (%,40%%) tend to be more attractive to consumers, because they are easier to calculate. On the other hand, if the price of the item is higher than 100, a discount in absolute value (20 euros) will be more visual.

6- Go through your inventory well

It is very important to prepare the stock well to avoid breakages or logistics problems, as well as to put the finishing touches on the product pages. Check the images, the descriptions, make sure the titles are eye-catching… Remember that the digital storefront is just as important, if not more so, than that of a physical store, since you must convince users to buy with item data. Prepare all products well for a successful sale.

7- Play with bids

Finally, either because you sell on Amazon, or because you have promotional campaigns on your website, social networks, Google searches… We advise you to cut the budget throughout the month, to make the most significant investment during the sales dates. You’ll have a lot of competition and you’ll most likely need to increase your bids to stand out and receive the necessary traffic.

On the other hand, if you want to maintain your bids, increase your budget to get more impressions. Keep in mind that an extra expense of this type really becomes an investment once you see the benefits.

In conclusion, whatever the date, you must design your marketing strategies well when it comes to selling. On special days such as Cyber Monday, take special care in planning to be able to promote sales and close the billing periods in a favorable way at the end of the year.

If you are a Seller within Amazon and you do not know very well how to manage promotions so that they are competent, or you want to start selling within the platform but do not know how, you can contact us. At Nozama, our team of professionals will be happy to help you.

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