The last quarter of the year: how to end 2022 on a high note

  • This time is probably the most important, because it brings together in a short time several dates where spending skyrockets.
  • Having a solid strategy in place can help you reach your goals before the end of the year.


If you are an experienced salesperson you will already know this, but throughout the year there are different periods in which sales increase due to different factors. We are talking about, for example, marked dates such as Father’s Day or Mother’s Day; or events such as Back to School, which, without having a specific day, increase the demand for products related to classes and the return to routine.

In addition, with globalization, special events that were previously only celebrated in certain regions, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, originating in the United States, have become popular. At the same time, Amazon, as the undisputed leader in e-commerce, has managed to place its Prime Day among the essential dates for all sellers and buyers.

For this reason, it is very important that you are constantly aware of these dates and use them to your advantage, whether it is to increase your sales or make your brand known.


Essential dates until the end of the year


We can highlight three major events before the end of the year:

  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Black Friday, which emerged in the United States in the 60s, is celebrated right after Thanksgiving and serves as an opportunity to get a head start on Christmas shopping while saving some money. Today, it has crossed borders and is a worldwide phenomenon. In addition, it is accompanied by Cyber Monday, which focuses exclusively on online commerce and is the Monday after Black Friday.
  • The Christmas campaign: this is the peak time of the year for millions of sellers. It is, without a doubt, when most purchases are made thanks to the fact that there are several days marked in red on the calendar where products of all kinds are bought, from various gifts to food for family dinners, clothes for going out or home decoration. In addition, there are certain dates, such as Boxing Day in the United Kingdom, that cause sales in those regions to increase considerably.


Keys to making the most of these dates


Despite being different events and celebrations, they all have in common that the influx of potential customers looking for products increases exponentially compared to the rest of the year. For this reason, there are several aspects that you should always be clear about.

First of all, you must plan all your moves in advance, that is, you must know what you are going to do and how you are going to carry out the campaign at least 60 days before it starts. This includes having the stock ready so that Amazon has it available in its warehouses, calculating the offers and promotions that you are going to carry out and, accordingly, designing the advertising campaigns.

As we’ve said before, what all these dates have in common are the deals. For this reason, here are a series of tips that you should keep in mind:

  • Use all the advertising channels you have at your fingertips, such as social media, email marketing, on and off Amazon ads, etc. This way, you’ll be reminding your customers that deals are coming up and that they can save considerable money.
  • You have to be as competitive as everyone else, otherwise you won’t be able to participate in the race for sales. As these events are popularized for their steep discounts, customers expect to be able to save a lot of money.
  • Be clear about who your target audience is, their characteristics, and what your priorities are. This last point is very important when the main purpose is not to sell more, but to make yourself known, improve your positioning within Amazon and increase sales in the medium and long term.

Finally, what you can never lose sight of is the quality of your listings, as it is your letter of introduction on Amazon, so the more care they are, the better feelings you will cause. At this point you have to take into account, for example, the title of the product, the quality of the images, the information you provide in the description and bullet points, the keywords you have selected, etc.

As you can see, all the aspects covered in this post can make a difference when it comes to maximizing your profits within Amazon.