El proceso de selección en Nozama

This is the selection process of Nozama Solutions

At Nozama Solutions we are looking for people who are able to think big. We love cultural diversity and diversity of environments.

Jara Pedrero and Laura Carranza work at Nozama Solutions, have a long history in Human Resources and both participate in the company’s personnel selection process, where their main role is to ensure objectivity at each stage of the process and determine the value that the candidate can bring to the company. During today’s interview, Jara and Laura tell us about the hiring process at Nozama Solutions and what are the most valued professional aspects in the largest Amazon agency in Spain.


What are interviews like at Nozama Solutions?

Interviews are the first encounter with a prospective employee. We try to make the person facing the interview feel comfortable and calm to be able to express their concerns, motivations and previous experiences. In addition to assessing their skills, we make sure that they have a good understanding of what the selection process is like and what the next steps are. At Nozama Solutions we go beyond the curriculum or years of experience, we are looking for people capable of thinking big, innovating and proposing new ideas.


Why is this figure so important within the company?

The relationship between the employee and Nozama Solutions begins from the first phone call in which the candidate is informed that he or she has been shortlisted for a job. In addition to selection tasks, in the Human Resources department we have the mission of creating a climate of trust among all workers and we are the reference figure for any need that employees may have within the company.


How have you experienced the enormous growth of Nozama Solutions in the last year?

With a lot of emotion. Being part of a project like Nozama Solutions in full growth and maturation is a reason to feel proud. We had no doubt that the opening of our Amazon competence center in Salamanca was not going to leave anyone indifferent, even so, it is very gratifying to be part of a solid and expanding company, in which day by day we find a great reception from candidates who want to be part of our team.


What profiles are you looking for at Nozama Solutions?

At Nozama Solutions we love cultural diversity and diversity of environments, which is why we are looking for different types of professional profiles. Currently, we are in an optimal moment for the company where all departments and teams are in a state of growth. Among the most demanded profiles currently we find the figure of the Account Manager or the Ecommerce Commercial profile, both of great importance to meet the expectations of our customers.


What advice would you give to someone who has an interview at Nozama Solutions?

That they read about us and get to know us, that they understand what Nozama is and what our project is. We have employees who previously worked at Amazon, however, at Nozama Solutions we are confident that each person can bring something unique to the company. In order to continue offering the best service to our clients, we must be very demanding during the selection process, but we also take into account candidates who show desire and enthusiasm to start a new adventure with us.


For more information, please visit: https://nozamasol.com/buscamos-talento/

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