importancia de las apps móviles en los marketplace

What is the importance of mobile apps in marketplaces?


The advances experienced in recent years have forced e-commerce to be constantly updated, so it is not at all strange to see how many of them have managed to adapt to the changes that have been taking place, while those that have not have ended up disappearing.

We wake up with our mobile phone and go to bed with our mobile phone, Spaniards spend around 6 hours and 15 minutes browsing. Therefore, if we want our business to work, it is vital that we adapt to this technology. Since it is the time that mobile phone users invest in their devices that causes it to become very important in the purchase process, taking the weight off desktops and laptops.

Sales through mobile devices have skyrocketed in recent years, this is due to the loss of the fear of buying online and purchases have tripled. It is clear that having a mobile application, despite being an additional expense and effort, can be a great advantage for the e-commerce in question.


Differences Between Mobile and Native Apps

Some of the advantages that we can find by having a native application unlike the mobile version, is among other things, on the one hand, the faster loading of the page, its design that is much more attractive and efficient, which will make it easy to use and for all audiences, since they are very intuitive applications. In addition, the app can be accessed from any operating system and you can find what you are looking for instantly, since it does not require an update.

On the other hand, having a mobile application will give us notoriety to the brand, improve the positioning giving us more visibility, will build loyalty among our target audience and one of the great advantages of the app is offline use, this allows us to access the page when we do not have access to the internet.


What do we want to achieve with our mobile app?

There are several benefits that we can acquire by having a mobile application. To begin with, we can keep the customer informed of all the news and launches of our brand. It is also quite easy to interact with the customer if they want to contact us, as well as get relevant information. As we have already said, it is also easy to build customer loyalty, offering personalized experiences, either by offering them a discount code if they subscribe to the newsletter, through exclusive promotions that you will only find through the application or even with a points program. When it comes to developing and updating it, the importance of innovation must be taken into consideration, offering experiences as Zara has done in its new update, in which if you scan a mannequin in the store with the camera, the whole will come to life in a model. Finally, thanks to direct selling, it is easier to stay in the consumer’s mind and in turn increase transactions.


So why should we have an app?

For our brand to be successful, customer loyalty is very important. Therefore, the development of an app can strengthen the bond between an e-commerce and the customer. According to a study by Flurry Analytics, 90% of the time users spend with their mobile devices is interacting with applications, 19% of users with mobile devices have an ecommerce downloaded on their mobile and according to data from Adobe, 67% of online shoppers have downloaded one of the applications of their favorite brands on their smartphone.


For this reason, it goes without saying that having an e-commerce application can significantly increase our sales and therefore accelerate the path to success for our brand.