5 tips to achieve the perfect Amazon Store

5 tips to achieve the perfect Amazon Store

As we told you in a previous post in our blog , Amazon Stores allow sellers to create and display a customisable catalogue where they can showcase all of their products, thus helping customers to get to know the brand better and achieving better conversion rates.

We recommend you start by designing an eye-catching Home page. Include videos about the brand or the products or any aspect you’d like to highlight and have an intuitive interface ready. Have your images and pictures entice the customer to click on them.

In your Amazon Store you will advertise all your catalogue in a simple, creative and dynamic way. Thanks to this tool you will be able to sort out your products by category, product line, etc.

Here are some tips so you can make the most of it:

1- Identify the differences between Store and A+

Compared to an A+, a Store is more flexible and has more options available. You could add several modules, include sliders, texts and banners to categorise your stock.

2- Eye-catching pictures that encourage the customer to browse the Store

Images become much more important than text, so you need to plan carefully the structure you want your Store to have. This is the moment to show the customer your brand’s values through the pictures, banners and videos which define them best.

Remember that flashy colours usually draw customers to click on the image or product.

3- Organise your Store in tabs

Classifying your products into tabs makes it easier for the customer to access and browse your Amazon Store.

If you have more than one product line in your catalogue, try to sort them in wider categories. This way, the customer will find at first glance all the different tabs from your Store’s menu.

4- Don’t forget the mobile version

Try to avoid navigation mistakes or difficulties by creating specific designs for mobile and desktop. You will make a much better use of it this way since you can make the Store more visual depending on the device.

5- Use videos to improve the user experience

Use the Store as a vehicle to introduce and present your brand, highlight your top sellers or anything you deem important with a video that helps you share further information and grab the customer’s attention.

As our last piece of advice, if your brand is already well-known or you want it to be easier to remember, it is good that your Store’s URL has its name. This way, customers will find your Amazon Store more easily.

From Nozama we can help you put your Store together, choose the best suited images and optimise your products before publishing. If these 5 tips to achieve the perfect Amazon Store were helpful for you, you will enjoy reading 5 Tips to optimise your images on Amazon.