Are you an artist with unique designs? Amazon Merch on Demand is for you

  • This service is perfect for artists who want to sell their creations on the platform without the inconvenience of operations, logistics and production.
  • It’s a similar programme to Amazon Handmade, where the exact number of units ordered is produced to save costs and reduce environmental impact.


The world is full of artists who unfortunately don’t have the ability or the means to spread their creations. This means that thousands of works of art and incredibly genius ideas end up going nowhere.

As such, a while ago Amazon launched a programme called Amazon Handmade, where artists can put their creations on sale and produce the exact number of products that have been ordered, guaranteeing the product’s uniqueness and reducing unnecessary expenses.

Likewise, Amazon wanted to motivate designers and artists looking express their work on clothing and/or accessories, to help them spread their art easily, conveniently, quickly and above all, without wasting resources.


But what exactly is Amazon Merch on Demand and what does it consist of?


Basically, this service works in the following way:

  1. You, as a creator and artist, take a unique design that you want to share with the world and upload it to the platform.
  2. You select the type of product that you want it to be printed on, as well as the colours it will be available in.
  3. You write a description specifying the features of your work and that’s it.

Next, Amazon will handle completing the process and ensuring your creations reach everyone. This includes:

  • Purchasing materials on which the designs are to be printed, such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, mobile phone cases, bags, etc.
  • Printing them.
  • Shipping to anywhere in the world using Amazon logistics and with the Prime label.

This way, your works will reach millions of people without you having to waste time and money on the whole manufacturing and logistical process, allowing you to focus on creating more designs.

What else you need to know to be Amazon Merch on Demand


The first thing you should take into consideration is that despite creativity being limitless, all designs have to comply with content policies. This means that it won’t be possible to sell any design that has obscene, vulgar or inappropriate content, or if it infringes other brands’ copyright.

Also, if you want to know what the final result of your product will look like before millions of people can buy it, you can generate a private link to purchase it and check that the design meets your expectations. In any case, here you can consult advice and the specifications that your creations should have so that the results are excellent from the very first moment.

Also, you can publish these designs both on Amazon Merch on Demand as well as outside the platform, as this isn’t a service that requires uniqueness. In this way, you’ll be able to sell simultaneously on other websites, marketplaces or in your own shop.

The registration process is easy and user-friendly. As well as your personal details and a creative description of your work, you have to enter an active bank account where you will receive payments from your sales. Once registration is complete, Amazon gives you a maximum period of 14 days to validate your aplication.

Lastly, with regards to advertising, Jeff Bezos’ company has announced that Amazon Advertising will be available for selected accounts, although it will slowly be expanded for more users.

Don’t hesitate any longer! If you have unique designs that you want to share with everyone, become an Amazon Merch on Demand and allow millions of people to show off your creations on streets all over the world.



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