How to avoid product blockages on Amazon

How to avoid product blockages on Amazon

  • Amazon may block and stop displaying your product detail page on its platform if it believes that you are in breach of any of its listing rules or policies.
  • You can also remove them from the list of search results or keep them inactive for different reasons.


Amazon knows that maintaining the trust of its buyers is an essential factor for its business to continue to grow. The US company wants to prevent fraud on its platform. For this reason, it controls all the items it offers and sets very demanding product approval policies for sellers.

If you want to sell your products on Amazon without being blocked, you will have to respect the rules established by the marketplace and provide the information or documentation required in each case. Failure to do so may result in your listings being deactivated and your articles no longer being displayed to users using their platform.

Here’s how you can check your blocked listings and what to do to stop this from happening.

How do I know which products are blocked?

You can view your inactive, suppressed listings for search results or with the details page removed, by logging into your Seller account and accessing the «Inventory management» page.

In case the product appears inactive or has been removed from the list of search results, Amazon will tell you why. You will be able to make modifications, by file or manually, to update it and make it active again.

However, when Amazon detects a breach of its policies, it removes your product detail page. You can see which products are in this status in the «Performance» section. From there, you will also be able to see why it has been removed and the documentation that Amazon is asking you to show it again.

What can you do to avoid product blockages on Amazon?

Offer permitted products:

Not every item has a place in the e-commerce giant. There are some products whose sale is limited or restricted. This means that Amazon will require authorisation to sell them in certain countries or categories. Make sure that you respect all the rules and policies established for this type of product. Amazon will not allow you to put the health and safety of its customers at risk.

Beware of returns:

Check that all the information you are going to offer about your products is correct. Amazon wants to keep its shoppers satisfied. If you make mistakes, for example, by mis-sizing an item of clothing, returns of that item will increase considerably. If you do not fix the incorrect data in time, Amazon will penalise you by removing your product from sale.

Remove banned terms:

You should be especially careful about the content you create. Avoid using impermissible words or expressions in your texts. Amazon will not allow you to include promotional messages such as «free shipping» or «buy now». Nor will it allow subjective comments such as «popular item», «best seller» or «best on the market». Neither will it allow you to attribute to your products characteristics that have to do with, for example, guarantees or curative properties for certain diseases.

Respect intellectual property:

Amazon protects sellers who have registered their brand on the platform and allows them to report and block products from unauthorised sellers. You may not sell items from other brands or refer to them in your content as a claim if you are not an authorised seller. Infringing copyright or intellectual property rights on Amazon will be severely penalised.

It may be that, when you upload your product listings in your Seller or Vendor account, they will be published without problems and Amazon will not block them. However, they may be withdrawn from sale at a later stage. Also, when you create an advertising campaign through Amazon Advertising, it will ask you to modify your listings.

It is essential that you avoid blocking your products on Amazon as this can lead to significant losses in your sales. You should be aware that if these occur repeatedly, they will have a very negative impact on your account. In addition to deactivating listings, Amazon may stop responding to your queries or email requests, or may even block your account.

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