8 Tips para optimizar tu ficha de producto en Amazon

8 Tips to optimise your product listing on Amazon

● Optimising your product listing on Amazon will help you to better convey its features and show the differential value you can offer to the customer.
● Create informative, clear and direct texts and include images, videos and extended content. They will serve to attract attention and convince the buyer.

Your product detail page is the space you have within Amazon to convince customers who are already interested in your item. It is your best form of presentation, a propitious place to present an explanation of the differential value for which they should choose your product.

Spend the time and resources you need to make your detail page as neat as possible. First, study well the keywords that you should include to position your product within its category. Then, pay attention to all the elements listed below. They will allow you to optimise your product listing and convert it into sales.

What should your product listing on Amazon include?


Specify the most relevant features of your product in the title. Please note that on mobile devices, the title is not displayed in full, only the first 60-70 characters. By 2021, 60% of online shopping will be done via smartphone, so try to put the most important information at the top.

Bullet points:

Present bullet points with informative, eye-catching, clear and straightforward text. Ideally, you should include two or three words at the beginning of each of them that capture the consumer’s attention and summarise the information that you are going to tell them next. Use the bullet points to describe what your product is like and tell them what benefits it can offer. Avoid refusals and do not give information that you consider unnecessary.


Show seven photographs in which all the details of your product are clearly visible. Take into account all the tips we have already given you to optimise your images on Amazon. The most important thing to remember is that for your listing to remain active, the main image must meet Amazon’s requirements. Between 92% and 98% of the product must be visible, displayed on a white background and occupying most of the frame.


Finish describing your product and specify all the features that, due to character limits, you have not been able to include before. In addition to thinking like a seller, you must also analyse the needs that a buyer has when entering your product sheet. Anticipate and answer all their questions. The customer should be left in no doubt as to why they should buy it.


Add valuable content by including videos in your A+ premium or product images. Again, keep in mind the requirements and recommendations we gave you for creating successful videos on Amazon. Unboxings, for example, work very well to explain to the customer exactly what they will receive at home.

A+ Page:

Take advantage of this space to offer Amazon users much more attractive and visual extended content. Include images and videos, but also texts. You should always include keywords that will help you rank your product in Amazon’s search results.

Link to the store:

Next to your product title, you can add a link that takes the customer directly to your store. They will be able to access your shop on Amazon and see all the items you offer in your catalogue.


The price is also a key piece of information that will be prominently displayed on your product page. Set a competitive price that is attractive to your customers. It is important that the price does not deter them from your site, but encourages them to continue the buying process.

As with price, the ratings and reviews part is also essential to secure a purchase. Although we have not included it as an element to optimise, as it is beyond your control, it cannot be missing from your product page. Offer always attractive, good quality products and the best service. This is the only way to get positive ratings and reviews.

At Nozama, we have a creative team of content experts. We can help you create a good product listing on Amazon by combining our texts with the best videos and images of your product. Together, we will be able to convince more buyers.