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After-sales services on Amazon: a source of profits


Every marketing process on Amazon involves an extensive list of steps you must go through to complete a sale. It all starts with advertising and finding customers, but contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t end with the sale. It goes much further.

Throughout this article, we’ll look at what after-sales customer service is and how this part of the process is vitally important to customer loyalty and your e-commerce’s success.


What types of after-sales services are there?

A wide range of services can be offered to users after the sale of a product. Below, we’ll look at the most important ones:

Purchasing management: This is the first and arguably most important step in achieving customer satisfaction. With Amazon, you can make sure that purchases are optimally managed, since with FBA shipments you’ll have all the facilities to be able to offer an adequate follow-up of your shipments. In FBM logistics, you’ll have to supervise the shipment of goods on your own. This step is very important and we recommend that you always keep it under control, as customer satisfaction largely depends on the timely and proper arrival of products.

Guarantees: There’s a wide range of guarantee types, depending on many factors strictly linked to the brand’s own policy and the nature of the items. Many customers look at this when purchasing one product or another, as it’s a source of confidence, quality and reliability.

Technical support: This service is one of the most important forms of interaction between the brand and the customer, as it offers a direct point of communication. It’s highly useful in all kinds of situations, especially in terms of incidents and resolving doubts.

Reviews: Through customer reviews, you can generate a very positive image of the brand and increase its credibility. On Amazon, reviews are a very common source of information and are often used when deciding whether or not to make a purchase. As a brand, it’s in your best interest to have a properly maintained, user-friendly review section for those interested in your products.

Promotions and offers: A very effective way to keep the buyer in contact and interested once a purchase has been made is through offers or promotions. This is an interaction that needs personalised communication to show your customers that they’re important to you and that you have much more to offer them. This way, stay interested in your brand.

Returns: There are many reasons for a buyer to return a product they have purchased. Your role is very important as you must offer your customers the appropriate means to carry out this task in the most convenient and flexible way possible.


How is Amazon good for managing after-sales?

You already know what types of after-sales services exist and the fundamental role that clear and direct information plays in each case, but have you stopped to think about the advantages you have with Amazon when it comes to managing this process?

Thanks to the e-commerce giant, you’ll be able to maintain highly detailed email communication with your customer, as any movement or transaction they carry out from their account will be notified to them by email. This is something that benefits both the buyer and the seller, as it offers transparency and security in all procedures.

Once the purchase has been made, Amazon allows the customer to maintain detailed monitoring of their product’s shipping process. The ability for the consumer to keep a constant eye on their package ensures an optimal shopping and delivery experience, as all procedures are constantly communicated and the customer knows what’s happening with their order in real time, giving you a huge advantage over your competition by ensuring you provide the best possible experience for the shopper.

Once the product has reached the customer, the Amazon platform has a section dedicated to resolving queries, returns and contact with technical support or customer service. In this way, the marketplace ensures that it offers both sellers and buyers all the necessary tools to successfully complete the purchasing process.

As you can see, in the same place you’ll have centralised a large number of options and procedures to offer the best possible sales service.


Your responsibility as a seller

Every salesperson has the responsibility to organise, manage and carry out adequate sales and after-sales service in order to ensure that their service is optimal.

With Amazon, in one place you can have a large number of options and procedures to offer the best possible service. It’s up to you to make the most of the features and tools at every stage of the buying and selling process to ensure a successful experience and open the door to potential future sales.

At Nozama, we can help you get the most out of each of these tools. Keep in mind that the purpose of all procedures is to gain the customer’s trust, because the greater the trust, the greater the chances that they’ll become loyal to a brand and buy from it again.