At Nozama we know that if you want to be successful on Amazon selling, it is important to have a great flow of capital.

Therefore, we need to be ready and have the convenient amount that allows Amazon operations to keep on moving. No, we are not a bank, but we have partnered up with two of the biggest European financial entities to give solutions to financed payments for our clients.


We basically try to ensure that our customers receive their payments in advance. From products sold to the final customer (deferred expenses by Amazon to transfer it later to the Seller) as well as direct sales to Amazon (payment of the Purchase Orders issued and delivered to Amazon). The goal is twofold: to collect payments in advance (allowing the Seller-Vendor stock up with more products and grow their sales) and reduce payment risk (transferring the debt to a third party, they will take over (Factoring).

Financing Amazon Payments


If you are Amazon Vendor we can help you with:


  1. Advanced payment forAmazon’s Purchase Order.
  2. Securing these payments.


To do so, we will use the factoring of your Vendor account. For years we have developed our own work methodology with Amazon’s invoicing, developing our own management software system, that allows us to connect Amazon’s invoices with the solutions of bank factoring.


We work hand in hand with two of the biggest European financial entities that offer the solution to your doubts: factoring.


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Financiación Amazon
Amazon Financiación

If you are an Amazon Seller, we can also help advance the payment of the executed orders from your customers. We know that many days or weeks of not being paid off the already executed orders can make a difference between having capital to restock or produce more, or nor being able to sell more.


To do so, we have designed along with our banking partners the solution that will allow you to have the adequate capital from your sales as soon as possible.


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