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Offers and Promotions on Amazon for Seller Accounts

  • It should be noted that there are promotions that you may not be eligible for if Amazon considers that you do not meet certain requirements.
  • In addition, depending on whether you have a Seller or Vendor account, there are different actions you will be able to perform.

One of the key aspects of selling products on Amazon is the promotions and offers, which are ideal for increasing your chances of making a profit. They are also a good strategy to attract new customers, build loyalty among those who are already familiar with your products, or to get rid of any surplus stock.

In this post we will focus on the different types of promotions you can carry out from your account. Amazon Seller.

Offers subject to Amazon requirements

Amazon analyses the items for sale on your marketplace and, based on its sales performance, demand and positioning, proposes a selection of ASINs for certain promotions that it considers to be optimal. In order for this to happen, it is essential that you use Amazon’s own logistics (FBA).

Within this selection you will find the following types of offers:

  • Flash Offers: appear for a maximum of 12 hours during a single day. Amazon lets you choose the week in which you want to make the offer, but it will be the platform itself that decides the day and time when the products will be promoted. In addition, it also indicates the minimum conditions that the promotion must have, although you can increase the discount percentage.

    This service costs 20 € per parent ASIN or product registration, so it is recommended that your profit margin is sufficient to offset this investment. Despite this, these promotions are quite cost-effective, as they increase the visibility of the by placing it on the second most visited page of your entire website: the offers section.

  • 7-day offers: are available for one week. On this occasion, Amazon does allow you to choose the week in which this is to take place and, as with Flash Offers, they set minimum conditions. The fee for this type of offer is 40 € per parent ASIN or product registration, but you have to bear in mind that if Amazon offers you this promotion, it is because it considers that it will be successful.
  • Special offers: at specific times Amazon runs special campaigns and selects certain products to participate. In each case, these offers have different characteristics. For example, the Spring Offers last for two weeks and have an exclusive space on the website, while during Black Friday all other offers are eliminated and only the products of this campaign are promoted. Generally, the more profitable special offers are Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the Amazon Days, as at these times of the year the visibility shoots up.

Free availability offers

Amazon’s range of offers doesn’t stop there, you will also have a series of promotions available where you can choose which products to promote and which will help your listings reach their sales target. These are some of them:

  • Promotions: in this case there is no charge for them and include many possibilities, such as applying discounts to the products we want, applying 2×1 and similar offers, generating alphanumeric codes that can be redeemed at checkout, lowering the price depending on the stock left etc. They are a good choice because offer a high degree of mobility in the goods, allowing you to sell specific items according to your strategy. The drawback is visibility, as promotions are not displayed on any full page, nor in search results. These promotions will only be visible on the product detail page.
  • Coupons: They involve applying a discount to a selection of products and letting the consumer decide whether or not to apply it.. It is the most basic type of promotion, but it is highly recommended to increase sales, because in this case visibility is increased by including a corresponding Amazon tag. They are not to be confused with the redeemable codes mentioned above.
  • Amazon Business Discounts: These are the discounts offered by Amazon, only for companies. Here you will be able to apply price and quantity discounts. In this way, you can incentivise bulk purchases by giving discounts that increase according to the number of products purchased.

If you have found this explanation of the different types of offers you can make from your Seller account useful and you would like us to help you choose the one that best suits your business, don’t hesitate to contact us. At Nozama Solutions we are experts in all of the processes involved in managing your sales in an efficient and profitable way.