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You can rely on more than 190 Amazon experts.

We are one of the biggest Amazon agencies in the world and we have more than 190 Amazon experts

Professionals of 16 different nationalities. Specialists in all Amazon areas. And we all have something in common, and that is that we are passionate, and we are good, very good at what we do, perhaps the best professionals in everything related to the Amazon universe.

This is our your team of qualified professionals


Account Manager

You will have an Account Manager specialised on Amazon. They will be in contact with you at all times to create and follow the best strategy for your products on Amazon, informing you continuously of what is happening with the management of your account. Your Account Manager will be in charge of coordinating the rest of the Nozama teams that will service your account.



Always up to date with any changes that Amazon may introduce. They study and execute your marketing plans depending on the type of product, category and country of sale. They are up to date with trends, ups and downs of markets and potential products. They are always watching and measuring the impact of their actions and the actions of your competitors on Amazon.



Specialists in the creation, implementation, measurement and daily optimisation of all your PPC campaigns on Amazon. They are daily measuring the impact and optimising your budget so that your products have maximum visibility on the platform. True experts in short, medium and long term performance analysis. They will help you get your product in front of the right people at the right time of purchase.


Content Creation

Content creators will take your products to the next level by using the right keywords and phrases in the right place. Combining the best images with spectacular texts that will make your customers fall in love with your product. This way the product will never be «just another product» again, it will be the product to imitate for your competitors.



Are you working with Amazon’s machine translation? This is the first big mistake that most of the sellers and Amazon Agencies make. Nozama relies on professional translators for each of the current sales platforms. It’s not only a matter of translation, it’s learning, thinking and understanding how to search for different products in different languages and how your products will be displayed with these searches. A machine will never understand a customer’s mind like a native translator does.


Customer Service

The team you contact when calling us, responds to petitions and solve any doubt or incident you might have. They manage incoming orders, warranties from A to Z, ratings and reviews of the Seller accounts products, as well as the shipments to FBA and their setup. In addition, they are in charge of responding to any petition and incidents regarding product returns and cancelations to the end client.



Once the sales are achieved, our operations team will take care of everything needed so that the products get to the end client, even before they make sure the product is available and ready to comply with the Amazon requirements. Storage, logistics, shippings, purchases, incidents and monitoring are the sub departments within our operations team. All of them will be at your disposal if you want to use anything you need.


Development, Software and IT

You can rely on a software development team that has been creating and developing their own applications to work with Amazon since 2012. They have created our internal tools to help you with your Amazon accounts and they are still developing and integrating them so that we can meet your further requests and needs.



Working with Amazon involves a high financial burden. The invoice monitoring, orders, replenishments and financial planning are crucial when it comes to operations success with Amazon. Our team will help you be more profitable.


Human Resources

The Amazon business opportunity has brought with it the need to create new job profiles. Nozama specialises in developing these profiles and our Human Resources team has specialised in finding and developing the best professionals.


Sales Department

They detect business opportunities and study their viability on Amazon, they update our services based on demand and changes in international markets. They are the starting point for customer relations. They listen, contribute and solve specific needs by giving their knowledge about Amazon and offering personalised services. They manage all requests, draw up proposals, actions and contracts.

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