Amazon Marketing Cloud: The End of Conventional Analytics


  • This cloud-based analytics tool allows you to customise reports like never before to improve business decision-making.
  • It brings advertising data and internal company data together in a single platform to maximise campaign performance.


Amazon is the world’s largest marketplace and is increasingly covering more and more territories thanks to its countless channels: music, series and television streaming, cloud storage, its own platform for buying and selling products, physical grocery shops, artificial intelligence, etc. As a result, the advertising possibilities are growing every day.

In this way, Amazon has recently launched Amazon Marketing Cloud, a service that shows a global view of all aspects of campaigns to facilitate decision making.

But what exactly is Amazon Marketing Cloud?


It is a cloud-based solution with a strong security system to guarantee data privacy, which will enable companies to improve their decision making. It has a high amount of personalisation, allowing advertisers to analyse data from both Amazon advertising and their own internal data sources.

In this way, by merging this type of information into a single interface, it is easier to understand the overall performance of a campaign both within the platform and on the company’s website. In this way, more and better conclusions can be drawn, based on accurate and transparent data on shopper behaviour, and applied directly to marketing.

As a company, this service can help you in the following way:

  • Detailed campaign analysis: Allows you to take advantage of market signals and thus define realistic targets based on measurement. For example, this means from measuring the effectiveness of a campaign to finding the right media mix to reach your target.


  • Process evaluation: You can upload your own pseudonymised data sets to your cloud clean room and relate them to events taking place on Amazon in real time, such as impressions, clicks or conversion rate. This will allow you to get a broad, holistic view of the campaign’s impact in and out of the marketplace.


  • Audience insights: You can find out the composition of audiences exposed to ads and the attributes of the groups that interact with each other.

What benefits does this service offer?


Amazon Marketing Cloud is a completely secure way to evaluate the interactions of recipients of advertising campaigns across different channels and media. This provides a reliable and private alternative to the use of cookies to learn about consumer behaviour.

In this way, resources are saved when it comes to measuring campaign results, as you can create quick configurations that display detailed information. This, of course, will help you maximise the impact of your investment. Not because of the time saved, but because you’ll be able to get the most out of each advertising channel, properly targeting each ad to its potential audience. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to know your customers’ preferred channels, how often they use them and the actions they carry out in each case; being able to combine them as you wish to increase your reach.