Audible already has 80% market share in Spain


  • Audible, now has over 13,000 titles in the Spanish catalogue
  • Podcasting and audiobooks, an unprecedented boom for the new generations


Audible, only 18 months old, has surpassed 80% of the Spanish audiobook market share. A growth of 23% per month with 15 million hours listened to between the different titles in its catalogue. Resounding success after investing 4.5 million euros in its own productions.

The multitasking service has grown exponentially among young people, being one of the listening and reading media most in demand by the new generations. This unprecedented boom has driven the growth of podcasting and audiobooks both in terms of titles and number of daily listeners. A movement that has encouraged the country’s main publishers to make a strong commitment to this format, as recently reported by the Ministry of Culture’s Reading Barometer.

Audible has been in Spain since October 2020, is the world’s largest producer of audiobooks and Amazon podcasts and has not stopped growing since its launch. “The evolution of the business has been very satisfactory since Audible landed in Spain. The pandemic helped us, but there have also been changes in consumption. And the first has been the ability to stay connected at home, at work, while exercising or while resting,” said Matthew Gain, Audible’s senior vice president for Europe.

The average reading time of a podcast ranges from 20 minutes to 30 minutes and of a book from 10 hours approximately, its price is 9.99/month after consuming the 30 free days.

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