upload my listing to Amazon

How do I upload my listing to Amazon?

  • You can upload your listing to Amazon by uploading your product information manually, through files or by using existing listings.
  • Check the requirements according to the country or category in which you are going to sell in order to minimise errors in your listings and avoid irreparable consequences for your account.


In order to start selling on Amazon, first of all, it is necessary to upload all the information related to the product so that it appears correctly on the marketplace and can be offered to the customer without errors. Although, at first sight, it seems like a simple task, the truth is that it can get complicated depending on the number and type of articles you want to publish on the platform.

How to upload your listing to Amazon

Here are some of the most important things to consider when uploading your listing to Amazon.

Is your product new or does it already exist on Amazon?

If the product you are selling is new to Amazon, you will need to provide all the necessary information yourself in order to upload it to the platform. However, if the item already exists in the Amazon catalogue because it is being offered by other sellers, you can search and take advantage of the listings that have already been created.

Please note that in the latter case, some of the general details of the product, such as the title or bullets, are the same for all sellers. But there are others such as price, preparation time or logistics that may differ from other sellers. 

How many items does your catalogue have?

Depending on the number of items in your catalogue, you can choose to upload your listing manually if there are only a few products or by using files in which you can include a large amount of data about a larger number of products in a unified way. 

For most categories, you can create product variants with parent-child relationships manually, through inventory files or through the variant configuration wizard. You can choose from several variant themes, such as colour or size, which change depending on the category.

If you choose to upload the listing as a file, be aware of the file processing time, as smaller files will take only a few minutes to process, while files larger than 5 MB can take several hours.

What are the requirements per category?

It is important to know what the requirements are for each category before uploading the listing since, for example, for footwear items no bullets are allowed, but fields such as material and size, among others, must be filled in.

On the other hand, there are certain restricted categories for which Amazon requires prior authorisation. To obtain it, you will need to provide specific documentation that will be reviewed before you start uploading your products. Foodstuffs, alcoholic beverages, clothing, jewellery, medicines, dietary supplements or medical devices, among others, are part of these restricted categories subject to authorisation.

In which country are you going to sell?

It is also necessary to know Amazon’s regulations according to the country in which the product is to be offered. Indeed, there are countries where certain items cannot be sold, where there are different requirements for publication or where certain terms cannot be used. 

Please note that publishing your catalogue in one market does not automatically mean publishing it in all markets. The product creation process has to be done in a platform-specific way.

We understand that managing a large volume of inventory can be a complicated and overwhelming task if you don’t have the processes for managing your catalogue under control. Mistakes such as uploading incorrect information, uploading products that Amazon prohibits from being sold, or misusing data could result in a temporary or permanent suspension of your account. 

That’s why Nozama helps you to publish your products on Amazon and to review all the processing reports to avoid errors that are difficult to correct. In addition, here are some tips on how to create a good product listing on Amazon.